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Offshore Hong Kong, Hong Kong offshore company and bank accounts - the best tool to import products from China, Asia, as well as foreign trade and tax planning. Hong Kong is considered to be offshore, but under the laws of the country's income from foreign trade activities shall be exempt from taxation - in the same way as in Panama .. Offshore Company in Hong Kong are generally governed by the general power of attorney, so the final renewal of an offshore company registered in Hong Kong, takes a minimum of time and you always get 100% guaranteed results!

Ready-made offshore company in Hong Kong and services at special prices *


Offshore Hong Kong in 2021 (finished an offshore company)

The best offer in 2021 for export-import activities, working with customs and tax planning, includes a full package of constituent documents of the translation from Chinese into English, notarized and legalized by Apostille (1) statutes, (2) The articles of incorporation, (3) minutes first meeting, (4) depositions of Incorporation, (5) A decision on the appointment of directors and issue (issue) certificates of shares, (6) print round (7) a contract to manage the company, (8), registered agent services, (9) representation of a legal address in Hong Kong and beslpatnye advice on doing business with the use of offshore Addiction for a year from the date of registration. For an additional fee you can connect the phone number in Hong Kong routed to any landline or mobile number.

Nominee shareholder offshore company

Person who is the first subscriber to the primary issue of shares offshore company incorporation dokumentoa recorded in the offshore company. The data indicate a nominee shareholder for opening accounts, filling out forms, etc. to confidentiality of possession by the true owner. The service is for one year from the date of incorporation. Perhaps the blank registration donation is 100% stake in the company.

Nominee Director + General Power of Attorney under the Apostille

The person acting director of the company status only formally and not to participate meaningfully in the activities of the company. All rights to the management of the company passed through the general power of attorney issued to the individual person. Position of nominee director is introduced in order to maintain the anonymity and privacy of a true control an offshore company. Nominee Director is one year from the date of incorporation. Some countries have mandatory requirements to all UBO provide additonallu Due Diligance info and Notarized ID documents for issue Power of Attorney from Nominee Director. Usually Know You Client requirements are the same in most common offshore countries and banks.

How to buy a Hong Kong offshore company?

We appreciate your time and do not require a set of documents for purchase (buying offshore), or register an offshore company under an order with your new company name. In the presence of the company is ready in all offshore jurisdictions that we recommend to register the company under the order.

View a list of ready-made offshore in Hong Kong HK.doc (Ms Word)

From you (the trustee) only vnuterenny and passport, and for the citizens of the CIS further copy of the immigration card or foreign passport with a note on the border of Ukraine.

If you are in another city - possibly design an offshore company without your departure to Kiev - the documents will be delivered to you on the day after the payment to any city in Ukraine and other countries by courier, or you can visit our local representative office in your country and pass all required formalities and provide KYC information and ID documents of UBO there.. We accept payment to all types of VISA, MasterCard, and all kinds of electronic money like PayPal and traditional Bank Wire Payments (SWIFT, SEPA) and the like.

To make payment for ready-made shelf offshore company is as simple as a mobile phone recharge - you only have to go to any of the terminal and pay us an agreed exchange rate at the rate of national currency in a country where you are.

The Department of International Business and our local representatives in your country are ready to provide advice on the choice of jurisdiction and the acquisition of ready-made offshore companies, registration of offshore companies and order additional services. To get a list of shelf companies, you should contact our specialists via email or phone call below.

On request we can register a company and open an account 
any other offshore jurisdiction or country of the EU after the specification of conditions of registration by phone.

 (044) 599-65-65 

Why do you need a company in Hong Kong? Buying a company in Ukraine of Russia

Perhaps you have never thought about this issue, depriving themselves of the opportunity to work freely in international markets, while not having to worry about svoevremnnoy tax reporting and filing ....

We suggest you try and you'll get another tool for multiplying and maintaining your capital is completely ready to use - a company in Hong Kong and by a European bank.

You only need to decide who will manage the bank account and represent the interests of companies around the world - everything else we do! And it's better not to do it at home, and in Ukraine, so the company will purchase for you offshore and will have the additional advantage due to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian legislation.

Register an offshore company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - an offshore company (registered in 20 working days)

  • The minimum size of the registered capital of 10 000 HK ˆ. Issued share capital - at least HK ˆ.
  • Paid a fixed annual fee. Required to file an annual report which shall contain the information of shareholders and directors, and audited.
  • A minimum of one shareholder and director. There may be individuals or legal entities, resident or nonresident.
  • We recommend the nominee service. Bearer shares are not available. Data on shareholders, directors and statutory company documents are stored in an open registry.
Verify and reserve the name of the new company (3 versions) ˆ98

Given the nature of the Ukraine, we are working with our foreign partners, have developed and agreed on the use of nominee service special text letter of attorney, which perfectly suits all notaries public authorities and banking institutions for full-fledged business on behalf of the Hong Kong offshore company in Ukraine.

Get a list of availible shelf companies in Kiev and advice on offshore issues 
You can contact our specialists:

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You got the freedom for business to work in international markets and do not worry about taxes and filing statements - now it simple and easy make money. Don't lost your chance - Buy Offshore Now and incorporate the subcidary company in Moscow or Kiev with us in shortest tems!

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